Our Commitment

The HARPS Foundation is dedicated to the development of programs and performance opportunities for children and your regardless of financial means. Our mission is to utilize the harp as a catalyst for personal growth, community service, and social change.

We are committed to providing life-transforming performance, service, and therapeutic opportunities which profoundly impact the lives of young musicians and the communities we serve.

"At the heart of the this foundation is a passion to not just create beautiful music with the harp, but also leave our young harpists with the desire to give back to the community in meaningful ways."

The HARPS Foundation provides:

  • Conservatory-level instruction, community service, and world-class performance opportunities to more than 750 youth, and give the gift of music to audiences of more than 300,000 in Virginia and around the globe, through the American Youth Harp Ensemble.
  • Otherwise unattainable arts opportunities that directly address poverty barriers for Central Virginia youth, through Sound Experiences.
  • Programming that assists physically and mentally challenged youth to develop musical, physical and social skills through Harp Therapy
  • A calmer, more supportive environment for our elderly living in retirement homes, skilled nursing facilities and senior centers through Young At Harp
  • Live, therapeutic harp music to patients, families, and staff in healthcare facilities through Harping in the Hospitals.
  • A blend of concerts, education, and community events that draw crowds from the entire Central Virginia region and across the United States.
  • High-quality, curriculum based music education, with a focus on music theory and musicianship.
  • Professional music instruction to children of all ages, regardless of financial means.
  • Conservatory instructors emphasize the development of mastery through education, disciplined practice, and regular high impact performance opportunities.
  • Affordable, high-quality instruction aimed at fostering family involvement and bringing music to demographics that are otherwise underexposed.